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About Andy Sandy

Hi. My name is Andy, the Studio Manager of Home For Brides.  I'm in my late thirties, happily married to my wife Sandy, makeup artist for over 15 years.  I’m a blessed father of our beautiful little girl, Kianna.

I’m a Photographer & Cinematographer and Sandy is a makeup artist & hairstylist. We are both a Bachelor of Science graduate from California State University’s system but found our self pursuing career that is totally different than what we were educated on.

I loved photography since I was child but didn't have the opportunity to studied photography until 1995 as a senior in high school. Back then it was film and I still kept the first picture that I shot and developed in the school's dark room. I went on to be a part time wedding photographer while attending California State University, Fresno. While I had explored many different professions after graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree focus in Human Resourse Manager but I went back full time to my original passion, photography at the very beginning of the recession in 2007.

Over the years, My company has grown from a one man company to a group of professionals such as: Makeup & Hair artists, Photographers, Cinematographers, Full time in-house Editing specialist and a Web designer to showcase our work.

With multiple professionals that work for me, I manage & direct them to ensure the Final Product is satisfactory to you. I have reviewed numerous numbers of applicants to find the right professional for my studio. I make sure that my Lead Photographer & second Photographers' equipment are similar to mine, their portfolios & professional ethic are in line with mine. They also must posses the necessary wedding experience in order meet Home For Brides' performance guideline. Although they are already a professional before getting on board with me, they also go through extensive training on the field with me so that their photography style must match with mine in order to deliver the consistency.

Having a full-time post production specialists work just for me and trained in my unique and original style, ensures that my images are consistent and they are completed and delivered soon after the wedding. We post produce every image that deliver I’m proud to present to you my team members.


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