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About Our Team

ANDY    - Founder - General Operation Manager

 I have loved photography ever since I was a young child. I didn't get the opportunity however to study the art until I was a senior in high school back in 1995 and then of course it was all film. I still have my very first image I shot and developed in our schools dark room. I went on to being a part time wedding photographer while also attending California State University, Fresno where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management. It didn't take long however to realize what I needed to be doing all along and went back full time to my original passion, photography in the begining of the recession in 2007.

 With multiple wedding professionals that work for me, I manage & direct them to ensure the Final Product is sastisfactory to you




 SANDY   - CO- FOUNDER - Office Manager 

 My wife of 15 years Sandy is a licensed Cosmetologist by the State of California and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.

Sandy is now dedicated to making our brides shine on their wedding day and we feel very fortunate to have this chance working and serving the wedding industry together.

Sandy is mostly servicing clients that can come to our studio located in Santa Rosa. However, some " ON LOCATION SERVICE "   can be arrange.




  JOSH   -  HomeForBridesTV Founder - Video Studio Manager

Josh has been recording, producing, and engineering audio and music since 2001. Picking up his first DSLR camera in 2003, Josh has been telling stories and creating art ever since. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Film at the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Josh is responsible for planning, organizing and production of all studio projects. He faciliate pre production, and post production delivery of video projects. He is the primary person to create a unique and seamless experience for clients who book video with Home For Brides.





  FRANZ   - Creative Director - Cinematography team Leader

Franz is an award-winning screenwriter whose short script Blue Blanket won Grand Prize in 2012 at the Hollywood Screenplay Contest, taking home a $4800 value post-production certificate. His feature of the same title won Bronze prize at the same contest the following year.

He spent ten years in the Marine Corps as a Sergeant prior to his transition to the film industry, where his writing career first began during his yearlong tour in Iraq, writing short stories to cope with reality. He has written, directed, and filmed many of his own material and promotional pieces, and has been filming events and weddings a little over two years. With his military background, it makes him a disciplined director and team leader in the field of cinematography, always dedicated to ensure capturing great moments of your wedding day. His writing/directing inspiration comes from the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, Robert Rodriguez, Francois Truffaut, and Jean Luc-Godard.




  ROBIN   - Art Director - Photography Team Leader


Robin is a professional photographer for over 15 years.  His extensive years of experience in the wedding industry make him one of the many talented wedding photographer in the Bay Area.




 Calvin   - Lead Photographer - Partner

Calvin found his passion in photography right after high school when he borrowed his friend’s DSLR to take some photos at his sister’s wedding.  He has been taking pictures of weddings ever since.  Calvin is an open minded person and easy going.  He loves going to weddings to learn about different cultures and experiences.  When it comes to photography, he loves to capture people crying, laughing, and most of all acting goofy.  He has a unique style and likes to push his photography to the limit.









  ARIE   - Lead Photographer - Partner

Arie is a professional wedding photographer based in the San Francisco bay area and has been shooting weddings since 2009. Arie was lucky to inherit a love for photography from her father. The thrill of capturing images has stayed with her and over the years, the camera has become her favorite form of artistic expression. Arie shoots a fusion of digital and analog film using Canon5d3, Contax 645 and Canon-V1.









JERRY   - Photographer - 

Jerry has been a professional photographer for 15 years and started as a college photographer in Manila. He is very dedicated and passionate in his work. Since 1994, he has become an expert in this field while working alongside with numerous and famous photographers in the Philippines. He continuously updates his skill in this field by online education and attending seminars. He is an all-around photographer for special events such as wedding , engagement,  glamour fashion. 









JENNIFER   - Event Photographer - Partner

 Jennifer R. Klein is my business partner, and brings 10 years of extensive photography experience including weddings, corporate and non profit skill and expertise.  Jennifer is a trusted source for photography coverage of any nature, and is on the referral list at the Blackhawk Museum where she has photographed numerous events.   Her ability to capture candid’s is uncanning, and her coordination to ensure customers are satisfied is why she’s a trusted source at the Museum and abroad.   Our partnership allows two individual styles of photography for weddings and events which is recognized with great satisfaction and has made our partnership well known throughout California. 
















JUSTIN   - Cinematographer - Editor

 Justin started his own video production company in 2007 to bring people together with motion media. His artistic goals include depicting daily emotions and experiences through film. Justin is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area and specializes in making spectacular wedding videos and independent films.









 HANSAN  - Videographer / Photographer- Editor

 Hansan has been in the wedding industry since the 1980 s . His experience & expertise make him a great traditional videographer with Modernize Camcorder equipments. If you are looking for a traditional videographer with expertise in documentary style, then Hansan is an excellent choice for you. 









 SLAV – 2nd photographer

He received an Art History Degree at UCLA and then completed his photography education at the City College of San Francisco, as well as in Santa Monica College in Los Angeles. Slav has been shooting professionally for seven years- four of them in Los Angeles. He is a portrait, event and wedding photographer. He understands very well that a wedding is the most special day for the couple and does everything to make the bride and the groom feel that. He has an impeccable technique and a very strong sense of visual style. He will tell the story of your wedding, which will be looked at and admired by generations to come










 RAVI – 2nd photographer

Ravi is An Electrical Engineer By Professional. He loves photography so much that he dedicate his weekend to shoot engagement & wedding. 

He is fluent in Punjabi which make him an ideal candidate for Indian Wedding






 KIEN – 2nd photographer / Cinematographer


Kien has been a photographer for over 6 years. He learned photography through self taught and his skill & knowledge has accelerated when he was employed by a family studio in the bay area. He love photography and is dedicate to create wedding photos that will be cherished for years









  DIANNE  - Makeup & Hair Artist

Dianne is a Full time makeup artist & Hair at our Studio. She is an experience Make up & hair stylist for over 5 years. Her attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness make Dianne an artist you can trust. 

She is specialize ON LOCATION makeup + hair for Bride , special event & engagement photoshoot session. 









 JOHNATHAN - Makeup & Hair Artist

Jonathan- makeup and hair stylist. Jonathan has been working as a makeup and hair stylist in the Bay for the last ten years, focusing on wedding, special occasion and portrait work. His goal is simple, to make his clients look "camera ready", while still looking like themselves














 TONY- Photoshop Retouching Specialist









 LARRY- Photoshop Color Specialist









 HENRY- Web developer - Blog










ADELA - A day wedding cordinator


Adela have been a day-of-wedding coordinator since 2003.  She have coordinated weddings with the guests of 50 to over 250 guests.  She love helping the bride and groom make their day magical by taking away the stress of all the details that need to happen on their wedding day.  She mainly deal with all the logistics on the day of the wedding from making sure the florist arrives on time to collecting all the items at the end of the night from the venue.  Her joy in life is knowing that she have done her job well and love to see the bride and groom having the time of their lives.






















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