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What is a boutonniere and where does it go ?

 What is a boutonniere and where does it go ? 

It is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single  or bud. Boutonnière is the french word . A boutonnière worn pinned on the lapel of a  tuxedo

Did you know almost everything that is part of a wedding comes from a tradition? It can be a family tradition, one that the bride and groom started or something that has been done for years.

I remember my mom telling me years ago as I got ready for Prom the history behind why flowers were wore.  Well the tradition behind the Boutonniere started many years ago.  When (and this may be a little unpleasant) indoor plumbing was not prevalent and body odors were more noticeable. 

The Boutonniere, as with the Corsage, were worn to formal occasions (dinners, weddings, dances) so that as a couple was dancing close the floral scent would mask any unwanted odors.  The Boutonniere has a specific place it should be worn.  This is part of the tradition of wearing it so take note. :)

1. The Boutonniere should always be worn on the left side.

2. If a jacket is being worn it is to be worn on the Lapel - Not one the pocket, by the pocket or above. (and please not in the pocket)

3. The Boutonniere, while traditionally worn thru the buttonhole so that the flowers could sit in a mini water tube and stay fresh, is no longer worn this way. It should be pinned on straight on the Lapel.

4. Pinning it on - We prefer to pin in a vertical manner from the back of the Lapel.  Others prefer to pin it vertically between the Lapel and the Boutonniere. Some pin horizontally thru the back of the Lapel. Always pin from the the back of the Lapel so that the pins are not seen.  

5. If no jacket is being worn the Boutonniere still goes on the left side on the vest. If no vest you will want to make sure your Boutonniere is not large but instead something smaller so that it does not pull on your shirt.

 Some traditions are meant to be broken, this one however should not. 

PS always ask someone else to help pin on the Boutonnieres if your florist is not available.  This is one task a coordinator can and will do for you.  It should be done right and straight. It is hard to do this if you are pinning it on yourself. :) 


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