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Questions you should ask your wedding photographer

Wedding is only once in a lifetime so it’s extremely important for the bride to find a photographer that can deliver the service to your expectation and be there on the day of. There are question you should ask your wedding photographer. As an experience San Francisco wedding photographers, we came across these questions often.


1) How do you define good San Francisco wedding photographer?


Wedding photography is so much more than just having a nice camera or taking a whole bunch of pictures. There are many brides and grooms out there wanted to save money for their wedding by hiring a relative, friend or someone they know because he just bought a new DSLR camera and seem to know what he is doing. For example, let say his name is Tom. He is a lawyer and like shooting landscape photography.  Tom may have a nice camera but may not have equipped for wedding photography because lenses for shooting landscape are different. He may know what area is great for shooting an engagement session in San Francisco county but may knot know how to shoot it. These are just a few reason. We will get more in depth later.



2) Does Home For Brides studio give you the high resolution images?


Yes, We do give you High resolution images. High resolution images allow you to print a large print such as Canvas print size 24 inches wide by 30 inches height . Some wedding photographer will only give you small resolution images so you have to buy the large print from them. 



3) Do you have backup camera just in case something happen to the main camera ?


Every Professional photographer should at least have a back up camera in the bag.  Your memories can not be captured throughout the day and there’s nothing you can do if the main camera is not working. Our photographers will always have at least 2 cameras . Home for Bride's policy require our photographer to carry at least 2 at all time. By carrying 2 camera at all time allow our photographer to cover wide angle shot to focus portrait shot. It's still okay to shoot with 1 camera but you have to switch lense back and forth and during that time you might miss a few important candid shot. This is why Home For Brides does not allow our photographers to use just 1 camera at any wedding.

Here is an example of 2 different photograph but same subject.





4 ) How experience is the wedding photographer? Is this a full time career or is this something they do part time on a weekend?


Experience, Experience, Experience is very important. Photographer cannot emphasize that enough.  We believe that experience is very important when deciding your photographer. A photographer knowing where to be and when to be there to capture the best images should not be undervalue. One cannot learn that through school or reading about it over the internet or watching youtube. It must come from experience of at least 20 wedding.



5)   How expertise and creative is your San Francisco wedding photographer ?


A professional wedding photographer need to have skill in order to photography properly. You need to have great multiple cameras lenses and technical skills will allow the wedding photographer to capture properly exposed images. Properly expose images to make sure that the subject face is bright and lit up but still can keep the white wedding dress not being wash out. You properly seen some pictures where the bride’s dress is total bright that you cannot see the detail of the dress, in another word, the bridal gown is over expose. A professional wedding photographer would expose the light properly so that the bride’s face is well lit and at the same time not exposing too much light on the dress. By having great creative skills , it will allow the wedding photographer to approach each shot with a unique perspective and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are artistic imagery.




6) How detail and responsbile is Home For Brides' wedding professional ?


Will your photographer be around when your wedding date take place is an extremely important question? This quality is priceless. Although it is not 100 % guarantee, one way to find out about this is through their review to see if they missed any wedding. A professional wedding photographers will keep their appointment.



7) Do your company have a reputation in the wedding business ?


Check out these review for yourself.



The knot



8) How Do Home For Brides protect the images ? How do your company store and back up your work ?


Another important thing we wanted to get across is that being a wedding photographer is not only about capturing moments but its also about protecting those wedding images throughout the wedding day and until they’re finally delivered to the bride and groom. A photographers should go extra lengths and step to save them before they’re in the clients’ hands. You only get one shot at the wedding. Again, nothing is ever be 100% full proof but it help if your photographer takes extra precautions into protecting your wedding investment. This is how Home For Brides does it.

On the wedding day, we use multiple card to swapping out in order to spread the data around. Instead of using 1 large capacity card for example, 64 GB, we will split that into several separate card. Losing one card out of a few is much better than losing 1 card that hold the complete wedding ( although it is not good at all to lose anything )  Our camera Canon 5D mark 3 allow us to store the photo into 2 separate card simultaneously for the same photo captures. One card is CF compact flash and the other card is SD . If one card is missing or corrupt because of bad card, then we still have the other one. That also one of a good reason why we photographer get great quality card to avoid corruption not again, nothing is 100 %.

When we get back to the office we would back up the data to 2 external hard drive including 2 computers and put one of that hard drive into a safe.   For extra protection, we  also store that duplicate copy at another location outside the office just case in the office accidentally set on fire or theft ( even though it's is in a safe ) . Last step , we upload the images to  So now our clients wedding photos are stored in 4 separate physical locations with many copies.  On top of that, we still have the originally memory card that we took at the wedding that did not get erase yet. We have multiple card so they don’t have to be erase right away if we have another wedding the next day . If by chance, all of these storage went missing or damage, then we are really unlucky. This is where our insurance would kick in. Hopefully we will never have to go to this step, Knock on wood.


9 ) Concentrate on quality work instead of quantity.


Don’t get caught up in the amount of products each photographer is promising when deciding your best San Francisco photographer. It is better to stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided by the wedding photographer. We realize that some brides are working within a budget and wanted to have albums as well in the wedding packages. You can look at it this way that you can always purchase an album, or additional prints a year from now when you are fully recover from the wedding expenses.  You cannot change the quality of the photographs captured at the wedding after the wedding day if you didn’t get a right photographer in the first place. Don’t go with a cheaper photographer because they are willing to give you all the products you want up front. Look at the quality of the work. Since photography is a service so pricing will be different.



10 ) How long do we store your images after it's deliver.


Typically, our responsibilities to you is done once the final product have been delivered and you acknowledge that. But we still store your images up to one year.  You too should back up several copy just in case something happen. Contact us if you need a copy. ( $100 shipping/handling/DVD will apply )



11) Do you edit  the photo you give us ? ( editing also know as post production,


 We Edited of each pictures taken for color enhancement/ bright/dark contrast so you can print/ view later. This process take times at the back office because we will have around 800 to 1300 images for a standard 8 hours wedding.( give or take ) .  You will get to keep around 70 to 80 percent of these images. We will eliminate out Test Shoot and photos of those eyes were close & ect.  This is why you will receive the final product within 9 weeks after the wedding . If it is not for editing time spent, then you can have it the next day. Clearly then we wouldn’t charge you $1700 for just 6 hours if that was the case as we don’t actually make $200 an hour.  And of course, without editing, your pictures wouldn’t look as colorful and bright/dark contrast , cropped like those pictures show on our website if we just shoot it and give it to you the next day. It’s the editing time at the back office that  require alot of time. Generally speaking , for every hour of shoot, it is equally to 7 hours at the back office. 


12) How long does it take for the client to receive the images ?


during wedding season which is April through November, the client may receive the final product on or before 10 weeks. During non wedding season, it's typicall on or before 6 weeks.



13) Do the client get copyright of the images ? Do the client have to call the studio if he/she want to do a large print ?


Your copyright to print and duplicate photo is included so use it in anyway you please. That the best thing about it . You don’t have to contact us if you want a large canvas size 24 x 32 inches. You will have the file and the copyright to do it. Most of the photographer would not allow that. You have to contact the photographer so He/she will do it for you for additional cost. We want you to show of our works, so feel free to print



14) How much is the deposit to hold a wedding ?


It's is 50 percent of the total package. Sorry, we don't accept credit .



15) Do we post photos onto an online website for our view ?


Yes, after the editing is done, we will post a summary of your wedding at our blog.



16) Does a Consultation needed ?


We can go over your questions & concern through email, phone , or video conference via skype if you wish. Our Skype Name is Homforbrides . Email to add to skype ID is



17) What is the next step if every look good and we decided to hire your Studio ?


We would sent you over a contract which will include the detail of our obligation to you. You would sent us back the contract along with the check the secure the date with us. We would keep in touch again through email or phone about 4 weeks before the wedding to  go over your wedding schedule. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any question.



18) Do Home For Brides have insurance ?


Yes, We do . Our coverage is up to 1 Millions Dollars. Certifcate to proof is available upon request.



19) What does your wedding photography package include ?


Please click here and be reroute to another page for this question.



20) Can you make me look skinner, younger ?

*Photos taken at the event will be edited afterward. This is Standard feature on all packages. It will be Cropped if needed, color enhanced  and brightness calibrated to bring out the best and ready to print. We will not be able to make you look skinner, tuck in special area to reduce fat around shoulder, stomach, arm ect. We will not touch up pimples, reduce wrinkle to make you look younger. These are detail touch up and can be request for additional fee. Please be aware if you request us to make you look skinnier & tuck in fat, we can only do so much because it may make you look distorted. ($50 for 30 pictures). This only include for customer that purchase a Flush Mount Wedding Album.




Please give us a call if you would like a wedding price quote or have any question.



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