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What Does Photography Package Include


 These are basic standard feature that include in ANY package  


1) Unlimited pictures taken at your wedding by 1 photographer

2) Our photographer Shoot an average of 700- 1300 images. Number based on average 8 hrs wedding & May vary depending on some other factor such as number of guest & event

3) 2 to 4 Full Frame 35 MM equivalent DSLR

4) Varieties of L professional lenses from wide to zoom with varieties of Prime Lense.

5) You will receive High resolution images files and the file is ready for you to print large phototo as large as 24 inches x 32 inches. ( Print not included as these are digital print )

** In the general industry, you only get around 100 to 300 edited images even though the photographer shoot unlimited photos. We Guarantee for you  to have At Least 700 final Images. ( Photo Number above are base on average 8 hrs wedding & May vary depending on some other factor such as number of guest & event

6) Each Image will be Edit for color enhancement & Bright/Darkness corrected / contrast on all images ready for you to print.

7) Your copyright to print including large poster print.

8) Professional Studio lightings.

9) Location scanning .We go to the venue early on the wedding day to scout out the place if we never been there before .

10) Guarantee Ceremony & Couple Portrait & Family Portrait & Bridal Party Portrait & Reception and activies you have in your Reception.  Pre wedding coverage will be include if you purchase enough hour. If you would like pre wedding then We require 1 extra hour for the bride. If you would like to include the groom then we would require additional 1 hour. If pre wedding is at another location outside of the venue, then more time is needed.

11) Images deliver in JPEG Format Via DVD or through or Download at our Website. The quality of the images is the same whether you downloaded or in a DVD. The only different is how it is deliver. We will determine how it will be deliver depending on the amount of photos. You can specificly request in DVD if you would like. ( For an example, you can go to the branch and deposit a check or you can take a photo of the check & deposit with your phone while sitting at home )



 **  NEW THING - FREE - Sephia & Black and white, Vintage color - There is NO additional charge to have these photographs convert to these color. We will convert & blend these color based on our discretion and there is no guarantee how many images you will have as each photo is different.


** NEW THING - FREE - Highlight of your wedding days with selected images to tell the story of your day. This way, you can share with your friend and family instead of sending them hundreds of photos.  We will pick the photos and design it based on our discretion. You can click here to see an example





 We Edited of each pictures taken for color enhancement/ bright/dark contrast so you can print/ view later. This process take times at the back office because we will have around 700 to 1300 images for a standard 8 hours wedding.( give or take ) .  You will get to keep around 70 to 80 percent of these images. We will eliminate out Test Shoot and photos of those eyes were close & ect.  This is why you will receive the final product within 9 weeks after the wedding . If it is not for editing time spent, then you can have it the next day. Clearly then we wouldn’t charge you $1600 for just 6 hours if that was the case as we don’t actually make $200 an hour.  And of course, without editing, your pictures wouldn’t look as colorful and bright/dark contrast , cropped like those pictures show on our website if we just shoot it and give it to you the next day. It’s the editing time at the back office that  require alot of time. Generally speaking , for every hour of shoot, it is equally to 7 hours at the back office.  


Your copyright to print and duplicate photo in anyway you please. That the best thing about it . You don’t have to contact us if you want a large canvas size 24 x 32 inches. You will have the file and the copyright to do it. Most of the photographer would not allow that. You have to contact the photographer so He/she will do it for you for additional cost. We want you to show of our works, so feel free to print




 When will you receive your final images after the wedding ?


You will get the final edited images on or before 10 weeks after your wedding.


Why take up to 10 weeks ?


Our photographer is require to carry 2 to 3 cameras at a wedding.. Because of this requirement,  we take alot of photos and we edit each photos. So we need time in order to deliver these promises to you.


  Do you edit these photos ?

Yes, We do edit each photo. Please read above for detail.



 Can you make me look skinner, younger ?


*Photos taken at the event will be edited afterward. This is Standard feature on all packages. It will be Cropped if needed, color enhanced  and brightness calibrated to bring out the best and ready to print. We will not be able to make you look skinner, tuck in special area to reduce fat around shoulder, stomach, arm ect. We will not touch up pimples, reduce wrinkle to make you look younger. These are detail touch up and can be request for additional fee. Please be aware if you request us to make you look skinnier & tuck in fat, we can only do so much because it may make you look distorted. ($70 for 30 pictures). This only include for customer that purchase a Flush Mount Wedding Album.


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