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What is Raw Documentary Video ?

What is Raw Documentary Video ?


  Raw footage is the high definition documentary videos that was captured at your wedding. These video clips are uncut and unedited. It is everything that we capture during the entire wedding day. All the video files will be transferred to a hard drive and you will be able to watch these files by clicking on each of the video files individually. The files will be organized in folder, so you will need to click on the folder individually in order to watch the videos clips inside. For example, One of the Folder would be “ Bride Getting Ready “ There are maybe 10 video clips in the folder for this segment of event that documented the story of “ bride getting ready “  Those clips may show your wedding accessories, shoes, dress , flower decoration & candid moment with you and bridesmaid & family & makeup & hair getting ready & and everything else that going on at that moment. Then there are another folder that contain video clips capturing “ Groom getting ready “ moment.  And other folder as well such as ceremony & reception & bridal party entrance to reception & first dance ect. Some clip will be short and some clip will be long depending on what activities we are doing. You get the point ? Because this is a High Defination raw footage, it will require a large gigabytes external hard drive ( at least 250 Gigabytes )  in order to deliver this for you. You can provide us the Hard drive or we can buy one for you and charge you. 


*** This is an excellent package choice if you just want to receive raw footage to do your own editing later . This way  you will have control over what to edit. Please read audio information below to understand more. 



If You are editing it yourself, then we will tell you this upfront. We record the audio professionally so we use 2 to 3 different separate audio system and we will use the best one out of them. For example during the ceremony will use microphone the groom using the lavalier mic.( it's a hidden microphone ) so we can record the vows better.  We May also use another record device and plug into the dj sound board to get the voice of the officiant ( we do this if the DJ allow us to , 90 percent of the time the dj will say yes.) . And we also record directly on camera through an external microphone. At post production, we will determine to see which one is the best sound then we will use it. Sometime if it's an outdoor wedding then the sound coming from the DJ soundboard or Lavalier will sound much better so we will use that sound instead of the one coming from the external Microphone.  The external microphone would still be okay but we always go with the better one if there is a choice.  We jut letting you know that there are several audio choices that we play around with so you have to know how to sync the audio together to match the footages. If not , you can use the sound from the external microphone that already sync with the footage so you don't have to worry about syncing it later.



 I like it . What does it include ? How much is it ?


1)  1 Wedding Videographer

2)  5 to 10 hours of documentary films. Definition of “ Documentary film” means intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of maintaining a historical record of the event.

2A)  Guarantee Ceremony & Cocktail Hour ( If you have one )  &  Any Reception activities you may have  & ( Pre wedding if it's a the same location ) 

3)   We will use up to 2 High Definition Cameras ( Full HD ) for multiple angles at the ceremony.

4)  Professional camera equipments such as microphone & lighting equipment & tripod & monopod and some other necessary tool to achieve professional audio and sturdy moving video.

5)  You will receive a RAW Full Documentary Video via Harddrive ( you will provide 1 for us or we will buy one for you and charge you ) . 


Price :   $1000


We reserve the right to change pricing & detail without notice unless you have a contract. 


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