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Question and Answer For High School Senior Portrait Sessions


 Photo credit to Andy Sandy Wine country photographer

This will be your first time for your senior portrait so I assume you will have some question. I hope this will help.


What should I wear on the day of the shoot?

You don’t have to need dress up for your portrait session. The best images are usually captured when you wear clothing that you are comfortable in and outfits that match your unique style. I recommend trying to keep things simple by picking solid colors and coordinating your wardrobe as much as possible. I want you to be comfortable and let your outfit say who you are.

 Adding or removing a jacket, changing into different shoes, or putting on a different shirt can change your outfit just enough to make it appear that you are wearing an entirely different wardrobe.


How many outfit can I change in the senior portrait session.?

You can bring several outfit for the senior portrait shot. I don't charge extra if you want several outfit. Just need to consider some place we go might not have a bathroom for you to change.


What style is for High school senior Portrait ?

There are formal pose and informal poses. The year book photo require the formal pose.  It is a head-and-shoulder portrait using traditional lighting and backgrounds mostly in studio. This is different from casual or informal poses which is other style of senior pictures. These are the poses where you get to have fun, Full or half body portrait, indoor, outdoor, casual outfits, photos with your best friend or your pet. If your school require you to take formal yearbook style pose in studio, then i can recommend you to go to a studio to get that done and I can do the casual - informal poses.  It is very poplar for students to book both studio and outdoor pictures. My style is designed around capturing amazing senior portraits in unique environmental locations. 


Where can we go to shoot this H.S senior portrait ?

Santa Rosa has a lot of locations to choose from including park and beach. It could be any where. Senior portrait sessions take place in grungy alleys, around old buildings, and in beautiful outdoor locations. I have the eye to turn that place into a shotable spot. You can tell me your favorite spot and we can go there. We can shoot at your home also.


What kind of camera do you use for this session ?

  As a professional wine country photographer, I use high resolution Canon digital SLR cameras and professional grade lenses to ensure the highest quality photographs possible. Currently using Canon 5D mark iii with variety of Canon L series lenses.


Can I purchase the DVD of the pictures taken.

No. You don't have too because it's come with the $200 ( 1 hours ) session. I put all the pictures that we took in the dvd. All the images will be edited for color and light corrected to print.


How far will the photographer travel for the portrait session?

Generally, there is no charge for Santa Rosa location. Additional charge for other location outside of santa rosa. Ask me on that.


Can I bring prop , pet or instrument, car?

Yes you may bring along anything that represents you . This includes musical instruments, athletic gear, sports jerseys, dancing shoes, purses and pets. Make sure you have your own transportation.


I got this big pimple on picture day,  What should I do?

I can retouch most blemishes out of your pictures. Because of my economical rate ( and not charging you extra if you was to buy the Dvd of all the images taken, I cannot spare time of retouching detail pictures such as removing pimples. These pictures take a lot of time but I charge as little as $5 . Ask me on that later when that occur.


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