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Another beach location for engagement photography. Baker Beach – San Francisco CA – another excellent choice e session photography

There are many choice of which beach to take for your engagement photography in the San Francisco bay area . One of my favorite location is Baker beach for pre wedding ( e session , engagement photography ) . If you are taking pictures around 2-6 p.m then this is a great side of the bridge to be on. At that time, the sun will be behind you . I don’t really like the otherside of the bridge  because the sun is directly in front my camera although it’s an excellent choice for back lit photography . I prefer to be on this side during that time based on my experience as San Francisco wedding photographer for quite sometime.

At baker beach, the view of the golden gate bridge from this side is much more magnificent. There is plenty of parking there. There is a cliff that you can view a magnificent sunset or sunrise without being block by mountain.

If you shoot engagement e session on a weekend at Rodeo beach , then be aware that it will be crowded. Especially on holiday and sunny day. It will be hard to shoot in a clean background. But as a professional photographer, we will be able to work in harsh condition. I love to be able to shot this in the northbay , Santa rosa  , Sonoma , Napa area . I'm also known as Santa Rosa Wedding photographer.

Photograph by San Francisco Wedding Photographer


Photo display above by San Francisco wedding photographer



If you want to photography sunset for e session in November then the sun start to go down around 5:10 pm and end around 5:35 pm in San Francisco Bay Area California. Here is another

pictures from San Francisco wedding photographer

Picture taken by San Jose Wedding photographer Andy Sandy Home For Brides

Photo taken in late winter at San francisco by San Francisco photographer

Portrait taken by San Jose Wedding photographer in Late Winter. Close aperture to have the sharpest background . Clear view of the bridge.

If you want really show the background light in Golden Gate Bridge, then I suggest you use off camera flash. I used Canon 5d mark iii to shoot this engagement portrait. The iso was about

3600. It's still excellent . My prefer brand of camera, Canon ( from Santa Rosa wedding Photographer )


Pre wedding photography in San Francisco credited by San Jose Wedding photographer Andy


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