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What is different between Flush Mount Wedding album and Coffee table wedding album

What is different between Flush Mount Wedding album and Coffee table wedding album ? Blog by San Jose wedding photographer.

This is one of the most common question in planning a wedding, Should we get an album for our wedding pictures? There are so many names flouting around and so many different choices available now, so which one is which. We hope this article will shed some light and clear on your confusion.

Coffee table books is generally mentioned a lot . Coffee table books get their name from the intended purpose of being placed on a coffee table for the entertainment of guests. Coffee table books are photo books. They have soft, thin pages like normal books or magazine. The print quality of photo books varies from photographic paper prints to inkjet prints on normal paper. It should feel like a paper from the magazine.It's a low quality print and paper in comparison to flush mount album.

Here is an example of what a coffee table book look like. At Home for Brides we also call them Flush mount wedding album .  We offer these book in our wedding photography package .

wedding-flush-mount-album-with-hard-sturdy-pages photoshop design by San Jose Wedding photographer Andy Sandy .


Flush mount album is a digitally print albums.  The photos are design and printed to pages directly, rather than position and secure ( insert or glue ) individual prints on to the pages of a traditional album. .Photo book / coffee table are digitally print as well. Digital printing gives the album designer a vast number of design possibilities . Flush mount albums have hard covers with thick, unbending pages. If you happen to spill coffee and drink over it, there is still some time to save them from being complete wet. They consist of photographic prints that were dry-mounted on cardboard . They are design to last longer.

Our Home for Brides' Flush mount album cover is mostly made of Fiber glass with acrylic printing paper.  You can choose your favorite wedding pictures for the cover pictures.  The photos lay completely flat and extend across the whole page using Photoshop or other design software. Flush mount albums are usually designed in magazine-style. Most common size for wedding albums is 10 inches wide x 10 inches height.  They are most often used for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries due to the fact that they are produced of a higher quality and are more expensive to produce than coffee table books. It's a time consuming process because you have to choose the pictures for the album and the proofing process. For the wedding album at Home for Brides,  the bride and groom will be able to choose the pictures for albums. The next step is proofing between the bride/groom and the San Jose wedding photographer is to make sure everything is corrected in layout and design before the printing. The bride and groom will then approve for the photographer to print. Once the printing is done, it's set and stone and cannot be change.




We hope this article will clear out some of the question you might have. Photoshop and design by San Jose wedding photographer




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