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What is documentary Raw Videography mean ?

What is documentary Raw Videography mean ? Let us clarify that for you. It's a feature from our Affordable Package: " Documentary Professional Home Video "

Our Documentary Professional Home Video is our most affordable package. It's cater to bride that has low budget and just want to preserve the day with Video Memories . It's best fit for bride / groom that doesn't need 2 to 3 videographer doing fancy editing and visual effect & short hightlight film. This package is perfect match for bride/groom who just want to document the day But using professional to do it. Instead of having a friend or uncle BOB who use home video camera to do it, let the PROFESSIONAL handle this videography service for you using Professional Equipments to do it. It is more affordable then the rest of the pacakges

1)  1 Wedding Videographer

2)   Up to 8 hours of documentary films. Definition of “ Documentary film” means intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of maintaining a historical record of the event.

3)   We will use Up to 2 High Definition Cameras ( Full HD ) for multiple angles. The 2nd Camera will be use at the ceremony.

4)  Professional camera equipments such as microphone & lighting equipment & tripod & monopod and some other necessary tool to achieve professional audio and sturdy moving video.

5)  We will do some minor edit & cut & adjust lighting exposure for consistent brightness & selecting shot and combining them into proper sequence to create a finished product. The editing is intended for better viewing but nothing fancy like what you would get in our other product. This is why we can reduce our editing cost and pass this saving to you. In another word, we will touch up and link these video clips together into final clips so you can watch them normally like you would watch a movie. It would be much easier to watch because all the clips have been jointed together instead of clicking on each individual clips. Some music will be put in when it seem fits . We will deliver this product in a Blue Ray or SD card . CLICK HER TO VIEW EXAMPLE


*** If you want to save more money then we can subtract out $200 from $1000. You would just get Raw footage instead for Just $800. Raw footage is the high definition documentary videos that was captured at your wedding. These video clips are uncut and unedited. It is everything that we capture during the entire wedding day. All the video files will be transferred to an SD card and you will be able to watch these files by clicking on each of the video files individually. The files will be organized in folder, so you will need to click on the folder individually in order to watch the videos clips inside. For example, One of the Folder would be “ Bride Getting Ready “ There are maybe 10 video clips in the folder for this segment of event that documented the story of “ bride getting ready “  Those clips may show your wedding accessories, shoes, dress , flower decoration & candid moment with you and bridesmaid & family & makeup & hair getting ready & and everything else that going on at that moment. Then there are another folder that contain video clips capturing “ Groom getting ready “ moment.  And other folder as well such as ceremony & reception & bridal party entrance to reception & first dance ect. You get the point ?  Because this is a High Defination raw footage, it will require a large gigabytes SD card in order to deliver this for you.


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