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What question you should ask your San Francisco wedding photographer

Wedding is only once in a lifetime so it’s extremely important for the bride to find a photographer that can deliver the service to your expectation and be there on the day of. There are question you should ask your wedding photographer. As an experience San Francisco wedding photographer, I came across these question often.

A) How do you define good San Francisco wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is so much more than just having a nice camera or taking a whole bunch of pictures. There are many brides and grooms out there wanted to save money for their wedding by hiring a relative, friend or someone they know because he just bought a new DSLR camera and seem to know what he is doing. For example, let say his name is Tom. He is a lawyer and like shooting landscape photography.  Tom may have a nice camera but may not have equipped for wedding photography because lenses for shooting landscape are different. He may know what area is great for shooting an engagement session in San Francisco county but may knot know how to shoot it. These are just a few reason. We will get more in depth later.

B) Does the wedding photographer give you the high resolution images? High resolution images allow you to print a large print such as Canvas print size 24 inches wide by 30 inches height . Some Bay area San Francisco wedding photographer will only give you small resolution images so you have to buy the large print from them.


C) Do you have backup camera just in case something happen to the main camera ?

Every Professional San Francisco photographer should at least have a back up camera in the bag.  Your memories can not be captured throughout the day and there’s nothing you can do if the main camera is not working. I have a total of 3 cameras and I use all 3 in a wedding event.

D ) How experience is your San Jose wedding photographer? Is this a full time career or is this something they do part time on a weekend?

Experience, Experience, Experience is very important. Photographer cannot emphasize that enough.  We believe that experience is very important when deciding your photographer. A photographer knowing where to be and when to be there to capture the best images should not be undervalue. One cannot learn that through school or reading about it over the internet or watching youtube. It must come from experience of at least 50 wedding.

F)   How expertise and creative is your San Francisco photographer ?

A professional San Francisco photographer need to have skill in order to photography properly. You need to have great multiple cameras lenses and technical skills will allow the wedding photographer to capture properly exposed images. Properly expose images to make sure that the subject face is bright and lit up but still can keep the white wedding dress not being wash out. You properly seen some pictures where the bride’s dress is total bright that you cannot see the detail of the dress, in another word, the bridal gown is over expose. A professional San Francisco wedding photographer would expose the light properly so that the bride’s face is well lit and at the same time not exposing too much light on the dress. By having great creative skills , it will allow the wedding photographer to approach each shot with a unique perspective and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are artistic imagery.


G )  Personalities of a San Jose wedding Photographer

How well do the photographer get along their clients and those guest at the wedding? Are they easy going, personable, charismatic, professional? How is his or her appearance?  A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is important to the overall experience of your wedding. Do you think that your friend and families will like the wedding photographer?

This is why we recommend an engagement session or sometime call pre wedding or e session if it’s possible with your budget. This way you can get to know your wedding photographer prior to the wedding day. You can get an idea of his or her wedding style and communication. Also, you can a hand on experience what poses or photography style is best for you. If there are certain style of photography you want, you need to let the photographer know so they can adjust to that or to avoid anything you don't like.


H) How detail and responsbile is your San Francisco wedding photographer?

Will your San Francisco photographer be around when your wedding date take place is an extremely important question? This quality is priceless. Although it is not 100 % guarantee, one way to find out about this is through their review to see if they missed any wedding. A professional San Francisco wedding photographers will keep their appointment.

Another important thing we wanted to get across is that being a wedding photographer is not only about capturing moments but its also about protecting those wedding images throughout the wedding day and until they’re finally delivered to the bride and groom. A professional wedding photographers should go extra lengths and step to save them before they’re in the clients’ hands. You only get one shot at the wedding. Again, nothing is ever be 100% full proof but it help if your photographer takes extra precautions into protecting your wedding investment. This is how we do it.

On the wedding day, we use multiple card to swapping out in order to spread the data around. Instead of using 1 large capacity card for example, 64 GB, we will split that into 8 separate card of 8 GB each. Losing one card out of 8 is much better than losing 1 card that hold the complete wedding ( although it is not good at all to lose anything )  Our camera Canon 5D mark 3 allow us to store the photo into 2 separate card simultaneously for the same photo captures. One card is CF compact flash and the other card is SD . If one card is missing or corrupt because of bad card, then we still have the other one. That also one of a good reason why we photographer get great quality card to avoid corruption not again, nothing is 100 %.

When we get back to the office we would back up the data to several external hard drive.  For extra protection, we store the external hard drive at another location just case in the office accidentally set on fire or theft. So now my clients wedding photos are stored in two separate physical locations with many copies.  On top of that, we still have the originally memory card that we took at the wedding that did not get erase yet. We have multiple card so they don’t have to be erase right away if we have another wedding the next day . If by chance, all of these storage went missing or damage, then we are really unlucky.


I ) Concentrate on quality work instead of quantity.

Don’t get caught up in the amount of products each photographer is promising when deciding your best San Francisco photographer. It is better to stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided by the wedding photographer. We realize that some brides are working within a budget and wanted to have albums as well in the wedding packages. You can look at it this way that you can always purchase an album, or additional prints a year from now when you are fully recover from the wedding expenses.  You cannot change the quality of the photographs captured at the wedding after the wedding day if you didn’t get a right photographer in the first place. Don’t go with a cheaper photographer because they are willing to give you all the products you want up front. Look at the quality of the work.

It is important to understand that you are purchasing a service from a photographer. Each and every photographer is different and you cannot comparing them like for example Laptop where you can get the same one for cheaper if you buy it at Office depot instead of Office Max. In addition, some photographer will feel that you devalue them if you asking them to lower their prices, in another word, negotiating their prices. Let the wedding photographer make the first offer on pricing if they are able lower it to meet your budget.


We are a bay area San Francisco San Jose Wedding photographers. Please give us a call if you would like a wedding price quote or have any question.

Written by San Francisco Wedding Photographer Andy Sandy


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